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V.I.P.  intensive program

High influence platform skills

A two-part, four-day, intensive immersion programme for leaders who need to deliver at the highest level in any high stakes professional setting. An intimate workshop for a maximum of 5 people to ensure intensive practice with lots of individual coaching and attention.

High stakes situations require more than mastering presentation skills techniques. They require professional-level mindset and delivery that allow you to connect with, engage, and influence any audience, whatever the circumstances. 

In this program, based on over 30 years experience world wide speaking, training and coaching, and the most relevant inputs from neurosciences and neurolinguistics, you will learn to:

  • Develop your unique presence and make a powerful first impression

  • Stand with confidence in front of any audience

  • Establish a personal & powerful connection with your audience

  • Establish and maintain your credibility in all circumstances

  • Make your content irresistible and memorable

  • Engage, motivate, persuade and inspire your audience

  • Defuse resistance and transform negativity into an advantage


Part One: two-day intensive coaching / training into advanced professional-level platform skills and mindset of influential speakers:

  • Authentic expression versus performance:  identifying the different mindsets, their attached behaviours, and their powerful effect on the audience’s oxytocin levels (the social bonding and trust enhancing hormone)

  • Meaningful versus meaningless acting: when and how to use acting techniques in a meaningful fashion so that they add to your impact rather than spoil your credibility or damage your connection with the audience

  • Posture, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact: their compelling effect on the below conscious processes of your audience, how to use them to make a memorable first impression as well as to enhance the power of your words

  • Voice management and delivery: lack of tonal variety is both widespread and fatal; how to use your voice to give life, rhythm and colour to your content and ensure your listeners’ attention and full understanding

  • Purposeful use of space: how to use the space to enhance understanding, establish complicity and trigger positive states

  • Engaging your audience: how to keep them involved and responsive while maintaining control of the process

  • Strategic content and structure: how to set the right objective, define the most effective angle, select the most appropriate evidence, structure for maximum audience attention and motivation - and significantly increase their dopamine level (the pleasure hormone that increases significance and memorability)

  • Enticing beginnings and inciting endings: from a variety of high impact options select the most effective ones for your purpose to hook your audience right from the start, and to urge them on right at the end


Part Two: one month minimum and two months maximum after Part One. A two-day intensive coaching / training where you will come with two 10 minute presentations that you will have prepared according to the principles of Part One. This will allow you to hone your skills,  take them to a deeper level, and to add other advanced professional level techniques not explored in Part One.

  • Humour, highly powerful, highly dangerous: how and when to use humour appropriately so that it enhances the bond with your audience (and significantly increases their oxytocin and dopamine levels!) rather than offend or damage your image

  • Dealing with resistance and scepticism: how to pry open closed minds, and how to avoid unknowingly using words and expressions that trigger instant resistance and replace them with words and expressions that trigger interest and benevolence

  • Objections, negative comments, difficult questions, hostility: NEVER justify yourself, how to respond with confidence whatever the attack, and how to transform it to your advantage

If that looks like what you are looking for, please contact me at +33 (0)778 114 659  or at

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