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    Training Workshops


HIGH IMPACT PLATFORM SKILLS : discover the secrets that only the best speaking professionals know. Are you ready to take the floor and be your best marketing tool?

INTERPERSONAL INFLUENCING SKILLS: 75%  of your success depends on having strong interpersonal influencing skills. Find out how to get better and faster results through enhancing the quality of your relationships. 

WORDS THAT CHANGE MINDS with the LAB Profile ® : discover how to identify your interlocutors' below conscious motivation triggers as they speak and learn how to adapt your language to open their minds, captivate their interest and spark their motivation with the LAB Profile®, an incredibly powerful, and highly respectful, psycholinguistic tool.

V.I.P. HIGH INFLUENCE SPEAKING INTENSIVE:  an intimate workshop for leaders who need to deliver at the highest level in any high stakes professional setting. Maximum 5 people to ensure intensive practice with lots of individual coaching and attention.

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