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Tech overdose

I am suffering from acute technological indigestion... I can’t take it any more! I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE !!!! I want to regress! I don’t want to become an hostage of technology - and when I say hostage, I mean exactly what the dictionary says: “a person who is captured by someone (or rather « something » in this case) who demands that certain things be done before the captured person is freed ». The problem here is that the captured person is never freed, it simply goes on and on: the continuous and offensive stream of alarms, “beeps” and “blips” from our array of connected and oh so smart phones, tablets and laptops; the invasion of SPAM mail to delete (why do I get some in Chinese?) to the point we don’t dare leave our laptops behind more than a couple of days so as not to be overwhelmed by the task when we get back…

And all that to make our lives easier, happier, more interesting, more informed: hundreds of 24/7 TV news channels, the Internet with its ever thickening web of contradictory truths, the ever expanding social and professional networks which we cannot go without (otherwise we risk passing for hopeless has-beens). And what about the Trip Advisors and other on-line comments on just about everything, where by the way many ecstatic comments come from friends and many crucifying ones from jealous competition.

And there are video cameras watching us everywhere we go, GPS trackers, camera-drones, delivery-drones, everything drones… everyday new inventions, new applications (where do people find the time to use all their apps.?) whence the indigestion and the spectre of Big Brother appearing on the horizon...

In my view, this technological bulimia is not progress because it has become exacting and addictive: we are dependent and alas complacent …

I long for peace, simplicity, authenticity, nature, friendly relationships (with real flesh and blood human beings), I long for the joy of BEING... I do not reject technology outright, that would be stupid, but I have decided to be a conscious user and to dare go against the stream (particularly as regards social networks), even at the risk of looking old hat and not with it (but I am old hat and not with it!).

And what about you, are you a techie-addict, are you definitely lost to human kind, or is there still a little hope?

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