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On-line Coaching 

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Communication &



  • Solve communication problems that leave you puzzled 

  • Understand how you function and the reactions it triggers in others 

  • Understand the other's below conscious processes and adapt your communication 

  • Give feedback that really motivates

  • Give bad news tactfully, respectfully and humanly 

  • Say NO without making ennemies

  • Manage skillfully a conflictual situation 

  • Confront the other and obtain a mutually satisfactory agreement while improving the relationship

  • Motivate the other to give their best

  • Create a climate of trust


for Results


  • Prepare to be memorable

  • Strategically structure your content for maximum impact

  • Establish your credibility instantly and maintain it in all circumstances 

  • Increase your presence

  • Irresistibly connect with your audience

  • Generate trust

  • Have convincing and motivating arguments 

  • Be at ease and answer difficult questions with assurance

  • Successfully present your ideas to skeptics 

  • Trigger interest, curiosity and goodwill

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