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Do you have IT? 

Boost your platform charisma

and influencing power


Available in paperback and kindle version on and 

Your body language and the words you use have an incredible impact on the below conscious processes and expectations of your listeners and determine what they decide about you and what you have to offer. Don’t let body language or delivery betray you, and learn how to master the hidden power of words. You will discover how to establish your credibility in all circumstances.

You will understand how you unintentionally trigger resistance or skepticism and will learn how to trigger interest and curiosity instead. You will know how to defuse objections before they are even expressed, and you will know how to respond elegantly and masterfully when they are. You will know how to remain at all times the master of the process. And all this while establishing a special bond with your audience. This book is an easy read, very practical, and full of real life examples taken from the author's 35 years' experience in the field. In short, this book will definitely help you boost your platform charisma and will significantly increase your influencing and persuasion skills to get the results you really want.

Books in French


This the French version of the book above. It has become The reference book in France on the subject of public speaking (says my publisher!). I reveal powerful techniques and mindsets to help you boost your ability to connect with,  captivate , and convince your audience, whether small or large, friendly or challenging. You will know how to establish your credibility in all circumstances, you will know how to defuse resistance, and you will know how to develop this "je ne sais quoi" that makes all the difference. This book is an easy read, very practical and full of examples, many of which are personal (and some were very painful!). It is available either from                 (paper back)  or from                        (paper back  or Kindle).                   


How do you react when something doesn't go as planned? Do you sometimes find it challenging to deal with difficult people and their reactions? How about those people who resist or find fault with everything you say?   Do find it difficult to confront someone whose behavior is causing problems?  Do you sometimes find it impossible to say NO and regret it later?   Are you sometimes afraid of asking for what you want? How do you react when you have made a mistake or are wrong about something? And do you ever find it agonizing to make a decision  because you are afraid of making the wrong one?

This book is a mix of simple yet powerful tools that will definitely make your life easier!  

Only available in French (paper back and Kindle) from GERESO   and also on                   

Are you dreaming to be an influential speaker? Great, but it needs a lot of practice. You don't have time, and you can't be bothered. No more excuses with this book:   97 fun - and highly effective - exercises to practice public speaking that you can do anywhere, any time, with (almost) anyone!  Co-written with my Belgian alter ego Geneviève Smal, we were hoping for such a book to emerge - until we decided to produce it ourselves.  You can practice easily from your daily situations: while having a drink with friends, in the street with strangers, at home with your teenager, in the queue at the supermarket, on your bed or in front of the TV... These exercises give you all the tips and practice you need to create a special bond with your audience, to build an impactful message and to conquer your audience, all this while seriously having fun! Only available in French (paper back and Kindle)  

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