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Whatever the size of the audience, the conferences are always participative and fun: the idea is that you have a great time and get useful, effective and practical tips you can apply straightaway and which can be life changing! 

Do you have "it"?: discover the secret ingredients of charismatic speaking

Anti-Skeptic recipes: how to open minds and trigger interest for your ideas

Sexism: "Hey! Not just a pretty face!": react or say nothing? How to recognize and neutralise sexism  

Do you have "it"?

Discover the secret ingredients of authentic charismatic speaking


Have you noticed that some seasoned speakers, though perfectly smooth and well polished, who are obviously doing everything right, simply don’t seem to get through to you - somehow they don’t have “it”?  And have you noticed that some others, who don’t necessarily do everything perfectly, have "it"  and really get through to you? What makes the difference?


The difference is essentially due to what you trigger in your audience at a below conscious level. "It" is  genuine presence, true connection, humanness - which happen to be the basic ingredients of charisma.


Discover how to develop "it" and get powerful and very practical tips, that you can use straight away, on how to:


  • Create an instant connection with your audience

  • Establish and maintain credibility in all circumstances

  • Generate trust

  • Enhance the quality of your presence




Anti-Skeptic recipes

How to open minds and trigger interest for your ideas


Have you ever had a great idea demolished by a skeptic? Have you ever dealt with someone who systematically looks for the flaws in your argumentation? Do you ever feel they are “not getting it” on purpose?

Yet, you are full of good intentions and really doing your best. So WHY are they reacting that way?  WHAT is provoking their resistance?  

Come and get some powerful anti-skeptic recipes that will show you how to:

  • Pry open even the most tightly closed minds

  • Trigger curiosity and interest for your ideas

  • Make sure your message passes the “Macho Test”!




Sexism: "Hey! Not just a pretty face!"

React or say nothing? How to recognize and neutralise sexism  

"His attitude puts me really ill at ease, but then I might be imagining things…",  "He tells his clients that I am the glamour girl of the company", "He explains things to me as if I were an idiot…", "In meetings, they systematically interrupt me!".  Sexism is not always blunt and explicit, and is sometimes difficult to recognize. And it doesn't always come from men...  In fact, sexism is so pervasive that it is invisible, or is either shrugged-off or minimized. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that even the “milder” forms of sexism in the workplace have a proven negative impact on a woman's performance, career and health.  

And let’s be honest, even when sexism is blunt and explicit, most women are at a loss on what to do anyway…


When you are confronted with sexism, or are a witness to sexism, how far should you let it go, how should you react, and what can you (woman or man) do to raise awareness and promote mutual respect and equality?

In this conference we:

  • Bring to light the below conscious processes that promote and maintain sexism in both men and women

  • Explore the different forms of sexism and their impact

  • Practice how to respond effectively to sexist remarks or behaviours, whatever their form

  • Look at ways to promote gender equality on an everyday basis
















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