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Interpersonal Influencing Skills Training


Boost your interpersonal skills and get better and faster results!

Research has shown that about 75% of your success depends on having strong interpersonal influencing skills. Learn how to use state of the art communication tools to create positive and fruitful work relationships skills that will boost your ability to  increase commitment, trigger cooperation, resolve conflict, handle complaints, respond to criticism, give motivating feedback, and generally get better and faster results. 

This workshop  will give you the means to:


  • Create positive, constructive and lasting relationships with peers, employees, supervisors, clients, suppliers…

  • Establish credibility and come across as powerful (but not arrogant) and empathetic  

  • Connect with people instantly and easily

  • Speak honestly without offending or creating resentment

  • Defuse resistance and trigger goodwill

  • Increase your power of persuasion

  • Deal with criticism or adverse comments constructively

  • Give feedback in a way that triggers motivation

  • Confront effectively to find win/win solutions to conflict, or potentially conflictual situations

Live, in-person workshops, 12 people maximum, two to four days depending on your specific needs.

Virtual workshops via Zoom platform, two hours maximum per session, number of sessions depending on your needs.


 Please contact me and I will be happy to answer your request.

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