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High Impact Platform Skills Training



Take your speaking to a whole new level and get the results you really want!  

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or are simply mortified at the idea of addressing an audience, these intensive workshops, based on 30 years' experience and the latest research in neurosciences and neurolinguistics,  offer you leading edge approaches where you will probably un-learn much of what you were taught in other platform skills trainings. 

So many speakers apply to the letter what they have learnt: the techniques, the flow, the transitions, never a hesitation... all is so well oiled and perfect, and yet, somehow, something is missing: we have no idea what it is, but after a while, our attention is fading and we are even getting a bit bored... 

What is missing is this "je ne sais quoi" which changes everything: authenticity, naturalness, humanness, and the ability to go beyond our intellect and touch us at the emotional level, where it really counts. To achieve this, you must do things differently and be ready to break some of those rules!  

Boost your capacity to connect and convince, and discover how to captivate your audience, by adding simple but extremely powerful techniques to your delivery and presence. 


You will learn how to:

  • Establish an instant and powerful connection with your audience 

  • Establish and maintain your credibility in all circumstances

  • Defuse resistance and open minds

  • Engage your audience and trigger curiosity

  • Strategically structure your content for maximum impact

  • Respond skillfully to objections and trigger goodwill

One, two, three or four-day training workshops depending on your needs or the level of expertise required. Please contact me and I will be happy to answer your request.



VIP four-day intensive: intimate workshop (maximum 5 people) for leaders who need to deliver at the highest level in any high stakes professional setting. Find out more...

She has it all!

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