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Training workshop


Emotions: your infallible allies

Upgrade the way you live

Do your emotions or feelings ever get in the way and stop you from achieving what you want?   Do you find that certain situations, or certain people, have a knack for making you feel terrible? Have you ever tried to fight off a recurring emotion or feeling, only to find it makes it worse? Have you ever felt you “shouldn't” be feeling what you are feeling (anger, fear, jealousy, envy, contempt…) and are not proud of yourself for doing so? Do you ever get this nagging feeling that you’re “not good enough” even though you know it’s not true -  but it doesn’t go away?...


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could make those limiting emotions disappear, and only keep the good ones? Wouldn’t it be great to feel free to go for what you really want, both professionally and personally? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could master your emotions and achieve peace of mind?


Wouldn’t be great indeed! But let’s be truthful here: feelings and emotions, the “bad” ones, the ones we don’t like, will never disappear as they are an integral part of what it is to be human. However, and contrarily to what most people believe, they are THE key to freedom and success, and once we know what to do with them, they become our greatest allies.


This workshop lifts the veil that stands between you and your emotions to discover that:


  • They are the most incredible and powerful tool you ALWAYS  have at your disposal, and,

  • Their primary and sole purpose is to serve you (and not to hinder you) and that they truly are your infallible guides to achieving success and well-being


 Thanks to the latest research in neurosciences, together with the pragmatic use of neuro-linguistics, and the age old wisdom of traditional teachings, you will:


  • Understand the specific roles of different parts of the brain and which are responsible for what

  • Know where you can make changes and where you cannot

  • Understand how early conditioning and below conscious beliefs have created strong neural pathways that are at the very root of emotions

  • Know that YOU are NOT your conditioning and that you can rise above it

  • Learn to create new neural pathways through a simple yet powerful transformative process to use your feelings effectively and restore them to their true purpose: steering you to well being and success

  • Realize that in order to create success the way you feel is more important than what you do

  • Be opening the way to inspired and appropriate action


If you would like to organize a workshop (2 days), please contact me.

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