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Let's be honest, I am definitely not the best at keeping my website alive...and as regards social media, I'm pathetic... I'm told this is very bad, but I still can't get round to being serious about it. The time it takes! How do other people do it?  I have all these other fascinating things to do - for example, taking long walks in my beautiful nature feels so much better for my body and spirit than sitting at my computer for the same amount of time - and it's good for my dog too! 

I feel I already spend far too much time on my computer as it is! Also, when I'm at home, I love cooking good meals (yes even just for my husband and myself),  and I also love receiving friends (I live in France, in lavender, wine and truffle country, in a tiny - really tiny - village full of great people who have become our friends) - all this takes time, but oh it is so enjoyable! So, I am the chief "keeping my website alive" procrastinator. However, sometimes (rarely) I get round to doing something about it... So here is!


Voici quatre pistes pour développer votre charisme ...

Soyez à la fois humble et assuré

Barak Obama en est un bon exemple. On voit qu'il est "bien dans sa peau", mais il reste humble et surtout n'est jamais arrogant - rien n'est moins charismatique que quelqu'un qui se la "pète" !

Soyez positif

Et que dire des "râleurs" ou de ceux qui font "la seule" ! Les personnes charismatiques sont accueillantes, souriantes, enthousiastes et positives. Elles voient toujours le verre à moitié plein plutôt qu'à moitié vide, et ils n'alourdissent pas les autres avec leurs problèmes ...

Soyez ouvert

Ecoutez les idées et les opinions des autres avec bienveillance. Il n'y a pas plus refroidissant que les gens qui agissent comme s'ils savaient toutes passent leur temps à juger les autres.

Valorisez l'autre, rendez-le important

Les personnes charismatiques ne cherchent pas à être le centre de l'attention ou à se rendre importantes. Quand vous vous adressez à quelqu'un, portez-lui toute votre attention, parlez-lui et regardez-le comme s'il était, à ce moment là, la seule personne au monde qui compte pour vous.

Some thoughts on a few subjects :


You have probably noticed that there are many « success recipes » out there are based on the amazing success stories of individuals (or organisations), which then become models of what we must do to succeed.  You have also probably noticed that even if we apply to the letter all the elements of the recipe, the amazing successes do not systematically follow…


JI am suffering from acute technological indigestion... I can’t take it any more! I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE !!!! I want to regress! I don’t want to become an hostage of technology  - and when I say hostage, I mean exactly what the dictionary says: “a person who is captured by someone (or rather « something » in this case) who demands that certain things be done before the captured person is freed ». The problem here is that the captured person...


Research in quantum physics suggests that the material world is a manifestation of the immaterial world, and not the other way round… and that this immaterial and invisible world is an infinite, timeless, and non-localised field of information: a universe of potentialities that manifest themselves in, and interact with, the material world... 


After hearing so many times « it can hardly be worse » (mmm… really ?) I feel like going back to basics, to those simple things we can do - and that we tend to forget - that can significantly improve our lives..

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