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Advanced Influencing skills workshop



Words that Change Minds

with the Lab Profile® 


2 or 3 days (depending on particular needs)

Up to 30 participants

No pre-requisites


Have you noticed that, even though you are doing your best, it can be difficult to get through to certain people? Do you ever find some of their reactions puzzling,  challenging (and sometimes downright annoying)? Do you sometimes suspect they make no effort to consider another point of view?

In this highly interactive program, you will learn to uncover the below conscious motivation triggers that drive people's decisions and behaviors. You will discover how to get through to anyone, even the most annoying or frustrating ones, and learn how to gain their trust and cooperation while honoring their differences.

This program is based on the LAB Profile®, a powerful psycholinguist tool to help you understand what motivates people and how to reach them. You will have the keys to:


  • Understand clients’ and colleagues’ needs and signals embedded in their language

  • Use the 4 Step Motivating Method™ 

  • Know what to say or not say to have the impact you want

  • Identify what persuades and what doesn’t

  • Use the LAB Profile® Motivation Triggers™ to get on the right wave-length with your key clients and colleagues

  • Converse effectively with skeptical people​

What is the LAB Profile® ?

Everyday, in every situation, people communicate and behave in their own unique thinking and motivation patterns. 

The LAB (Language and Behavior) Profile® is a psycholinguistic tool that allows you to uncover the below conscious motivation triggers of your interlocutors and to respond with just the right influencing language. The terms “Language and Behaviour” reflect the connections that exist between language patterns and behavior patterns. The way people express themselves verbally (not what they say, but HOW they say it), as well as non-verbally, give us direct indications on:

  • What triggers their motivation,

  • How they think,

  • How they make decisions

Through a small set of specific questions (which can be woven into conversation) and by listening to the patterns embedded in a person’s response, we are able to:

  • Understand their below conscious motivational triggers (and conversely what turns them off)

  • Predict how they will behave in a given situation

  • Influence their behaviour by speaking to them in their language

As you become familiar with the questions and the kind of responses people give, you will find that you can actually pick up the patterns without having to ask the questions. You can immediately use the appropriate influencing language for the situation. People naturally communicate their patterns as they speak, and respond immediately when you speak their language.

People and organizations around the world are successfully using this tool to:

  • Establish a deep level of rapport and communicate with anyone

  • Enhance managers’ leadership skills

  • Shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction

  • Design powerful marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Hire people who are motivated to perform

  • Dramatically improve results in negotiation 

  • Increase self-knowledge and self-esteem

  • Simplify career counselling and professional coaching

  • Create high performance teams by managing people’s strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses

What is in the LAB Profile®?

  • The 6 motivation triggers that people need to get excited about something

  • The 8 Working Traits that describe how people process information, the type of environment they need to be productive, their response to stress and how they get convinced

  • How to discover the patterns for an individual or a group

  • Using the appropriate influencing language for maximum impact

  • How to apply this tool to any communication context

A LAB Profile® training program covers such patterns that allow you to:


  • Identify people's values and criteria and know what is really important for them

  • Understand how to speak to people who want to avoid problems versus those who are prefer going for goals

  • Increase your impact with people who prefer to decide for themselves and those influenced by external factors

  • Solve conflicts between those who prefer to create alternatives and those who prefer to follow a step-by-step procedure

  • Identifiy the language needed to reduce the resistance to change

Enhance your Language and Behavior skills 

  • Know the power of certain words or phrases

  • Predict people's behaviors from the language they use

  • Understand how situations affect people's motivation and behavior

  • Recover from mistakes or avoid making them altogether

I organise LAB Profile® training programs (2 or 3 days) on request, to fit your particular needs. Please contact me, I'll be happy to serve you. 

What the LAB Profile® is NOT:

The LAB Profile®  is a psycho-linguistic tool, and NOT a psychometric personality inventory. While the effectiveness of these inventories are universally proven:

  • Most depend on written questionnaires,

  • People’s answers are often influenced by the very fact that they know they are being profiled,

  • The answers are rational and come from the people’s conscious thought processes - in other words, they may try to give the « right » answers,

  • The questionnaires usually only address the general context of work,

  • These inventories target mainly management development.

The added value of the LAB Profile®

  • It can be used at any time, when needed, through the simple channel of a face-to-face communication. Whether it be on a formal occasion - such as a recruiting interview, or an informal one, such as a conversation with a peer, a superior, or a client.

  • It addresses any context, not only the work context in general. We have found from experience, that people do not necessarily function the same way at work or in personal life. Moreover, within work, there are many specific contexts where again people do not necessarily function the same way. For example when prospecting for clients or managing a team, the same person can have radically different motivation triggers and thus may be very motivated to perform in one context, and not so motivated in another.

  • It addresses other targets than management development: you can easily profile a client or prospect through simple conversation, while it seems difficult to ask your clients to fill in a profiling questionnaire. It can be used in market research with focus groups to detect, beyond their rational answers, what unconscious triggers motivate their buying decisions or their attraction for a product,

  • It is not detectable by the person being interviewed: even if the person tries to give you the « right » answers at a content level (this is their conscious, rational mind controlling the process) they will nevertheless reveal how they really function through the way they behave and structure their language.

  • It shows you how to adapt your own language structure to ensure your message matches the other person’s internal processes and triggers interest and motivation. For example, if your client is motivated to buy by knowing what problems he will avoid by using your product, there is no point in telling him at length what he will achieve if he uses it.

  • It can be verified as you go: you can test what you have identified about any given pattern by simply feeding back to the person your understanding using the matching influencing language. The person’s response will tell you if you were on the right track or not, and if not, it is very easy to correct.

I organise LAB Profile® training programs (2 or 3 days) on request, to fit your particular needs.

Up to 30 participants. Please contact me

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