Persuading, generating enthusiasm, triggering motivation...

Some are excellent at it. They have compelling presence and an enviable capacity to get others on board. They are authentic, and with authenticity comes charisma. Others, who may be technically perfect or impeccable performers, simply don't achieve the same results.

The effect you produce on others

The quality of your presence, your capacity to connect and your influencing power are the result of your inner attitude and of what you trigger in your audience, or in your interlocutors, at a below conscious level.   What is it that you do that drives them, out of their awareness, to develop certain attitudes and behaviors towards you or what you have to offer?  


Unravel the mysteries of charismatic presence and influence and become irresistible ! 

The effect you produce on yourself

Conversely, when you are facing certain situations, what goes on out of your awareness that triggers your emotions, influences your thoughts and dictates your behaviors? 

Decode your unconscious processes, free yourself of automatisms, and choose your responses !   


30 years experience  

30 years experience world wide, enriched with the powerful principles of neurolinguistics and the latest research in neurosciences to help you achieve the results you really want. 


The very latest in French, co-authored with my Belgian alter ego, Geneviève Smal


Presence  Connection  Influence


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